Espresso coffee: the most popular beverage in the world

Everyone loves an espresso coffee

Espresso coffee is an iconic drink and loved worldwide for its intense flavor and its characteristic cream. Born in Italy, espresso stands out from other methods of coffee preparation for its speed of preparation and its intensity of flavor.
To prepare a perfect espresso, you must use a moka. A moka works by passing hot water through the ground coffee at high pressure, producing a thick and creamy coffee with a characteristic layer of cream on the surface.

To obtain an excellent espresso you must use a quality blend. The right blend can make the difference between a mediocre espresso and an extraordinary one. Usually, espresso coffee blends consist of a mix of Arabica and robusta coffee, each with its own aromatic characteristics.
Espresso is a sensory experience that involves all our senses. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee spreads through the air, attracting the attention of anyone around.

The sound of the mocha that produces the espresso is a pleasure for the ears, while the sight of the coffee and the thick cream that covers it is a real show. But the true essence of espresso lies in its flavor. A good espresso should have an intense and rich flavor, with notes of chocolate, dried fruit and caramel. The strong and decisive taste of espresso coffee makes it perfect for a shot after a meal, but also for any time when you want an energizing coffee.

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