Au pairs in Italy: how the programme works 

What are au pairs 

Doing a placement as an au pairs in Italy can be a great way to experience new things and try your hand at living in a foreign country. An au pair is a person aged between 18 and 30, unmarried and without children, who decides to spend a defined period abroad to live with a host family. The au pair helps the family by looking after the children and helping with minor household chores. In return for their help, the au pair receives board, lodging and a salary. The au pair is never to be regarded as an indispensable help with cleaning or a full-time babysitter. The au pair is in fact welcomed as a temporary member of the family. The experience brings numerous advantages for both the au pair and the host family. For the au pair, the main advantages are:

  • improving one’s language knowledge of the host country
  • discovering a new culture
  • attending a language course
  • exploring a foreign country
  • developing personal training
  • learning notions useful for your career

Au pairs in Italy: who to contact 

To undertake an au pair in Italy and gain new experiences, you can rely on the competence and professionalism of Celtic Childcare, which over the years has become a real point of reference for young people and families. it is an agency that has been promoting the au pair programme nationally and internationally since 1997. The aim is to create a close network between au pairs, host families, tutors and Italian agencies operating in the area. The programme is a way of encouraging cultural exchange and enabling young people to gain new experiences. Using questionnaires and applications for aupairs and families, the agency succeeds in combining the needs of each to ensure the best possible experience that meets the needs and desires of individual members.