Country house in Florence: the best solution for your trip

Florence is a city rich in monuments, art and cultural sites. That’s why it’s always one of the most visited Italian cities throughout the year. Destination for international tourism, it also offers a wide range of accommodations, bed & breakfasts and hotels located in strategic areas close to the heart of the city. However, those who want a relaxing stay in touch with nature can also choose from the many farmhouses and country houses near Florence. These accommodations are run by local families and offer a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Furthermore, in country houses, tourists can also taste local cuisine dishes made with very genuine ingredients and raw materials. Of course, each house offers more or less services and can cater to different needs and requirements.

Country house in Florence: la Casa del Pozzo

For example, La Casa del Pozzo is a beautiful country house located a few steps from the city, perfect for a relaxing stay in nature. The property is completely surrounded by nature and is therefore the ideal accommodation solution for families with children who want to visit the city of Florence, offering large spaces for play and entertainment for the little ones. In fact, Casa del Pozzo is surrounded by greenery, tall trees full of fruits, a vegetable garden to care for and an infinity of activities to do.

Country house in Florence: find out the best house close to the city!

So Casa del Pozzo is a farmhouse in Florence where time seems to have stopped, which will catapult you into colorful landscapes and away from the hustle and bustle of the city, allowing you to interact with nature and its charm. You will enjoy your stay without sacrificing the comforts you are used to. To find out more about the country house or to book a room, you can visit the website.