Hunting in Ireland: how to prepare 

What is hunted in Ireland 

Like Scotland, Ireland is an ideal wintering ground for woodcock and snipe due to its mild winter climate and natural habitat of woodlands, bogs and conifer plantations. Wild broom, rhododendrons, peat cotton and heather, as well as conifer plantations, beech forests and shrublands along endless streams and torrents dominate its mid-mountain terrain. Undoubtedly an enchanting place for hunting. There is excellent duck hunting on the numerous lakes filled with trout and large pike. In spring and late summer, on the other hand, they are ideal areas for wood pigeon hunting. Woodcock, snipe, hare, pheasant and ducks can be hunted from 1 November to 31 January. As for Sika deer hunting, the period is divided for males from 1 September to 31 December and for females from 1 November to 28 February. Hunting in Ireland can be carried out in two ways: 

  • with hounds (pointers, Irish or English setters) in open ground, in mountainous areas or in small, dense woods
  • with sprigers or cockers: this mode is typical of Irish hunting. In this case, the dogs beat an area of dense vegetation and induce the woodcock to fly away. hunting woodcock with the evening or early morning aspect on travel routes is prohibited in Ireland, but there is no meat limit under Irish law.

Hunting in Ireland: how to dress

For hunting in Ireland, it is important to know how to dress correctly. Camouflage can help you hide in the vegetation and not be seen by deer and other animals. To complete the outfit, it is advisable to choose a good hat, to shelter from a sudden downpour or protect your eyes from the sun, and shoes. it is advisable to choose waterproof shoes, as well as a jacket. During the hunt, it is also possible to bring your faithful four-legged friend along.