Barley wines online: where to buy them

How to choose the right wine for every occasion

Choosing a good wine is entirely subjective. The way each person defines a good wine is unique to them and their taste buds. Whether you prefer delicate, strong, sweet, sour or even spicy flavours, you can find the ideal wine. The characteristics that define each wine variety, however, can be useful to keep in mind when choosing a bottle, especially at an important event. The main factors to consider are:

  • sweetness: wine labels often use the terms ‘sweet’, ‘semi-sweet’ or ‘dry’. A dry wine, for example, is not sweet. Each is more or less suitable for certain dishes
  • acidity: wines with high acidity are more sour, while those with low acidity have a rounder or richer flavour
  • body: wines are characterised as having a light body, a full body or somewhere in between. Wine body refers to the feeling of heaviness or lightness in the mouth after a sip. Generally, red wines have more body than white wines, as do wines made from grapes grown in warmer rather than cooler regions
  • the alcohol content: the higher the percentage of alcohol in the glass of wine, the more it warms the throat and the back of the mouth

Barley wines online: who to contact 

To buy Barley wines online you can count on the competence and professionalism of Vitantica, which for years has been a real point of reference for all wine and beer lovers. The company has always combined tradition and innovation to offer its customers top quality and 100% natural products. Barley wines online are special types of beer, dark and very alcoholic, with a particular taste reminiscent of wine. Its intense flavour stands out when tasted without any accompaniment. It is perfect, for example, to serve as an accompaniment to red meats, mature cheeses and chocolate and coffee desserts.